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Why the Dual Graduate Track at Carolina?

  • A genuine interdisciplinary program providing teaching experience in two fields.
    During this five-year program, students will work toward and earn a MA in Linguistics with a concentration in Hispanic Linguistics and, subsequently, a PhD in Romance Studies with a concentration in Hispanic Linguistics.
  • Focused on Spanish, but also strong in other relevant languages.
    This interdepartmental program is designed to provide students with a broad general knowledge in linguistics as well as specialized training in Hispanic linguistics. As part of their training, students will also have the opportunity to focus on other Romance or indigenous languages (especially Maya or GuaranĂ­) if they so desire.
  • Support available for students from the first year onward.
    Students may be supported as teaching assistants in either or both of the departments, or as research assistants on grant-funded projects.
  • Location.
    Located in the Research Triangle of North Carolina, UNC Chapel Hill is convenient to other prominent universities in the area as well as much of the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States.