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Beginning MA students must take ROML 700 (Pedagogy), enrollment in which will qualify them to apply for a teaching assistantship in Romance Studies.  In addition, they must also take, at some point in the track, LING 520 (Phonetics), LING 523 (Phonology), LING 530 (Syntax), and one from LING 537 (Semantics), SPAN 679 (Spanish Pragmatics), or SPAN 681 (Spanish Semantics).  For final projects in these courses, students are expected to choose topics focusing on Spanish or an Other Relevant Language.  Applicants for a teaching assistantship in Linguistics must have completed these four courses, and must satisfy the University’s other requirements for holding a TA-ship.  The required courses are already offered annually because of existing undergraduate and graduate programs in the two departments.

Required courses can be waived if the student has already taken an equivalent graduate-level course (e.g., in the case of UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduates).  The student must take one more approved elective for each waived required course.

Elective courses

Four approved electives that are relevant to Hispanic Linguistics as defined above and are approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.  Normally one of these courses is taken in the spring of the first year, and the other three are taken in the fall of the second year.

Research paper

Before the end of the third semester, the student, in consultation with his or her advisor, will write a research paper.  The research paper is written by students planning to continue on to PhD-level graduate work.  The student will register for thesis-substitute credit upon reaching this stage in their progress.  A research paper is expected to contain new research of publishable quality, and the student is expected to submit it to an extramural conference or journal.  The student will form a committee consisting of an advisor and two other relevant faculty members.  The committee should include representatives of both departments.  The student is expected to work with the committee at all stages of the writing process.  The student will write a prospectus of the planned project and defend it at the oral comprehensive examination, before proceeding to carry out the approved project and write the paper.  The paper is defended at the final oral examination, normally before the end of the fourth semester.

Language requirement

Familiarity with one other Relevant Language beyond English and Spanish is required.  (Proficiency in English and Spanish is required for admission to the Dual Track.)  This Other Relevant Language requirement can be met in two ways.  One way is to demonstrate basic proficiency in the language as a communication medium, by passing the Graduate Student Foreign Language Test, by certification by a qualified faculty member, or by taking a two-semester graduate-level introduction to the language.  The other way is to demonstrate knowledge of the language as an object of study, by taking a one-semester class in the structure of the language.