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Please consult the faculty regarding the availability of these and other courses.

Linguistics (LING) Courses

LING 520 Linguistic Phonetics

LING 522 Experimental Phonetics and Laboratory Phonology

LING 523 Phonological Theory I

LING 524 Phonological Theory II

LING 525 Introduction to Historical and Comparative Linguistics

LING 526 Second-Language Phonetics and Phonology

LING 527 Morphology

LING 528 Language Acquisition I

LING 529 Language Acquisition II

LING 530 Syntactic Theory I

LING 533 Syntactic Theory II

LING 537 Semantic Theory I

LING 538 Semantic Theory II

LING 539 Language of Time

LING 540 Mathematical Linguistics

LING 541 Sociolinguistics

LING 542 Pidgins and Creoles

LING 543 Language in Politics

LING 545 Language and Mind

LING 547 Language Deficits and Cognition

LING 550 Introduction to Indo-European: Phonology

LING 551 Introduction to Indo-European: Morphology

LING 558 Ancient Mayan Hieroglyphs

LING 560 Mesoamerican Languages and Linguistics

LING 561 Native Languages of the Americas

LING 573 Linguistic Field Methods I

LING 574 Linguistic Field Methods II

LING 583 History and Philosophy of Linguistics

LING 712 Advanced Studies in Philosophy of Language

LING 715 Advanced Methods in Phonology

LING 716 Advanced Methods in Syntax

LING 723 Seminar in Anthropological Linguistics

LING 790 Dialectology

LING 794 Linguistic Field Methods II

LING 860 Seminar (Specialized Linguistics Study)

LING 861 Seminar in Phonological Theory

LING 862 Seminar in Grammatical Theory

LING 893 Current Problems in Linguistics

LING 897 Special Readings

LING 992 Master’s Research (Non-Thesis)

LING 993 Master’s Research and Thesis

LING 994 Doctoral Research and Dissertation


Romance Studies (SPAN, PORT, ITAL, FREN, ROML/ROMS) Courses

PORT 526 History of the Portuguese Language

PORT 530 Varieties of Portuguese

PORT 833 Seminar in Luso-Brazilian Linguistics

ROML 578 Comparative History of the Romance Languages

SPAN 676 Advanced Spanish Phonology

SPAN 677 Spanish Syntax

SPAN 678 History of the Spanish Language

SPAN 679 Spanish Pragmatics

SPAN 680 First- and Second-Language Acquisition of Spanish

SPAN 681 Spanish Semantics

SPAN 682 Spanish Sociolinguistics

SPAN 683 Guaraní Linguistics

SPAN 684 Spanish Dialectology and Variation


Indigenous Languages (MAYA) Courses

MAYA 401 Introduction to Yucatec Maya